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The Faucet

Faucet™ artificial intelligence diagnostic (AID) is a medical device that can diagnose neurological emergencies in the ambulance.  (The Faucet is in development by Faucetworks.  No product is currently available for sale.)

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Vital Flow

The VitalFlow

The VitalFlow™ stimulator is an easy, safe, noninvasive, magnetic stimulation treatment. It significantly increases blood flow to the brain after a single 2-minute stimulation, buying time and saving the brain.  (The VitalFlow is in clinical testing by Nervive Inc.  No product is currently available for sale.)

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NeuroSpring has completed numerous research projects. We are dedicated to understading stroke and devloping treatments or cures. Take a look at some of our favorite projects.

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We are hard workers. Just ask our team.

We're a volunteer-driven organization. Our team of passionate scientists and student interns are dedicated to helping those affected by stroke.

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We care.

Millions of people suffer from stroke. Not only is it important to find a cure, but also to help those who have been affected.

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Giving keeps us going. Donating saves a life.

NeuroSpring puts your charitable donation to use in the research and development new medical therapies. By doing so, NeuroSpring earns an ownership share in the partner company that owns the therapy. The ownership share in the partner company creates an endowment held by NeuroSpring to carry on further research.

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